Media Convergence and Mobile Measurement of New Media Culture

  • Dobrinka Peicheva South-West University
Keywords: media convergency, restructuring of communications, media interchangeability, mediatization of society


Among the acceptable conceptualizations in this article are the following findings: in the use of internet and mobile phones there is an evolution toward interchangeability and meta-media function; the internet and the cell phone have become interchangeable and this is a permanent characteristic in the postmodern restructuring of communication spaces; a new dimension of culture is being generated, and it is connected with mobility; feedback has become instantaneous and this is the most revolutionary development of mediatized communications and a paradigmatic change tantamount to a revolution in culture; individuals are becoming creators and disseminators of their own production. It turns out that the new mobile-determined culture is the new convergence-determined culture, a culture of global dimensions A growing number of convergence processes are taking place in today's media realm. Convergence is evident in similar processes of interchangeability in the new media. Mediatization (medialization) of society, which is a result of these convergence processes among other factors, is a global process.

An issue that has yet to be interpreted is the economically determined structuring of communication space: further developments and, respectively, further research would confirm or reject assumptions in this direction. The consequences of this new type of mobile-determined cultural processes have yet to be interpreted.

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