Меdiatized Reality - Particular Theses

  • Dobrinka Peicheva South-West University
Keywords: medistization, mediatized society, DIY culture, new media, Facebook communication, restructuring of communication, internet economy, communication action


Mediatized reality is a matter of fact. Nowadays we may refer to mediatization of the home space, of social contacts, of work, institutions, cultural behaviour models, of the economy, of culture, of participation in culture, of group and interpersonal communications, of globalization as tied to the media, etc.

In the separate sections of this theses, without claiming to be comprehensive, I focus on these and other media-determined social processes and effects, using them as illustrations and demonstrations of the mediatization of society and also as an explanation of the preconditions for the new conceptualization of modernity and for the identification of mediatized society as a third stage, following upon Max Weber's traditional and modern society.

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