Conception of transit gas system

  • Ivan Peichev Bulgar Gaz EAD
Keywords: concept, gas, ecology, sociology of energetics


The Сoncept for the development of gas transmission capacities was developed on the basis of mutual agreement between Bulgargas Ltd and  Gazprom  RAD in 1996 by eng. Ivan Peychev, Deputy Executive Director of Bulgargaz Ltd at that time and referring to the period 1996 - 2010

Beyond the authentic text are included the views of the author about the future developments of the processes.

Besides being a historically authentic document to the concept, the author's views on the future development of the gas industry have been added, which reflects a series of socially significant processes and themes: ecology, diversification, international relations, policy making; participatory democracy, populism, etc. - all topics with which the postmodern world is heavily involved.

The interest in this scientifically applied product is caused by the fact that it connects one of the most up-to-date topics of industrial sociology and, in particular, one of its branches - sociology of energetics with modern political processes. The gas industry has at this stage some of the most significant positive industrial consequences for mankind - air, heating, plants,  the economy, etc.

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