Mythological Interpretations in Teaching and Creative process

  • Nevelina Popova New Bulgarian University
Keywords: Mythological plot, interpretation, archetype, neomythology, scriptwriting, adaptation


In the context of educational crises this text proposes mythological plots as a creative territory and a source of sense and inspiration. Effective studying of mythology means going beyond the understanding of plots as a sequence of events. It requires the discovery of the archetypal core behind the events, the dramaturgical conflict and the symbolic sense of the story with its "eternal" imagery by which we recognize one and the same myth in different contexts.

Through mythological interpretations modern man discovers the hidden "reserved sense" of   eternal plots and becomes part of the endless dialogue between different times and cultures.

The text also presents the problems of visualization of mythological plots and three strategies for their film adaptation.

It is more than obvious that the whole process of acquaintance and working with myths should be thoroughly revised - at all different levels of the educational system.

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