Values in Bulgarian Environment

  • Valentina Milenkova South-West University
Keywords: values, education, mobility


There are presented in the paper different aspects of relations of Bulgarian citizen towards various values in our society. One of the key values is education. Education is really accepted in Bulgarian society as important factor for success and prosperity. Based on results obtained in European Social Survey, rounds 2006, 2009, 2012/13 in Bulgarian conditions exist intergenerational educational mobility and the education level of respondents was higher than that of their parents. The country has good opportunities for education, although the status of the education system is not very good thereby leading in the socialization function of the school is its disciplinary mission. The significance of the value of education as an important factor for development is also evident in the willingness of people to enhance their training and qualifications, i.e. strive to learn in the future to develop its culture to constantly improve and better qualifications. The paper is an attempt to discuss important and significant issues of values and attitudes towards them in Bulgarian conditions.

The present article is a result of the project "Cultural values in Academic environment", carried out in 2015, in SWU "Neofit Rilski", team leader prof. Valentina Milenkova.

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