Extening Thinking about Elder Abuse. Political Abuse among the Older People in Zambia

  • Isaac Kabelenga University of Zambia
Keywords: older people, elder abuse, political abuse, Zambia


This article is aimed at raising awareness about the existence of political abuse among the old people in Zambia. It is also aimed at extending literature on elder abuse. The article which is based on empirical evidence from Kalulu Rural District of Zambia argues that elder abuse does not only take place through physical, financial/material, emotional/psychological, and sexual abuses of the older people or through neglect as widely reported in the available literature on elder abuse, but also takes place politically. The article further argues that since ageing is a normal process of human life which every human being expects to go through, and given the fact that the world is moving towards population ageing, evidence of political abuse among some old people in Kalulu should be taken seriously and immediate concerted efforts should be put in place to stop it. This is because it has serious negative implications on the national development of Zambia and the tenets of democracy that the people of Zambia and the whole world are trying to promote. The causes of political abuse in Kalulu, policy implications on how to address political abuse in Kalulu as well as implications for future research are also provided.

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