Key Values in the Contemporary Bulgarian Society

  • Petrana Stoykova South-West University
Keywords: Values, Value system, Values crisis


"Cultural universals in an academic environment" "is a project that was carried out in 2015 under the guidance of prof. D.Sc. Valentina Milenkova. Two focus groups were conducted. The participants in the first group discussions are students studying Sociology and the second focus group was conducted with students from major Psychology in the South-Western University "Neofit Rilski". The results from the group discussions reveal the dimensions of the escalating value crisis in the Bulgarian society. Family, education and hard work have changed their place in the value system among the Bulgarians. According to Peter Berger, there are seven key values, which are generally accepted within the Western "economic culture". Those are "material well-being; equality; political freedom; human rights; individual autonomy and the preservation of tradition and community".  The participants in the focus groups do not recognize these values as inherent for the contemporary Bulgarian society.

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